Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lorraine and Leighton - Rome, Italy

Last month I had the honour of being bridesmaid for my best friend, Lorraine, and her amazing hubby, Leighton.

Now, being the bridesmaid clearly meant that I was not on photography duties. However, asking a photographer to not bring their camera to a wedding, in Rome no less, is like asking them to attend naked!  But I was very restrained!  I just photographed the preparations before their amazing official photographer, Siobhan Hegarty, arrived... tried to help out with the group shots, and then continued to photograph when Siobhan departed.

Lorraine, myself and her other fabulous bridesmaids got ready at The Radisson Blu hotel, in the centre of Rome.  We had this amazing room, which was basically like a big glass box, overlooking the city.  That slight awkward moment happened when you get into the room and discover the bathroom is basically in the bedroom and everything is see-through!

A good friend of mine, Lauren Wheeler, travelled to Rome to save the day and make us all look perfect (after Lorraine's original makeup artist let her down).  She's amazing... if anyone wants a miracle worker, Lauren's your lady!!!  She was perfect, putting all of us at ease, and I got to have a great catch up with her, something we rarely get to do through peak season!

Jack arrived in an amazing camper van to take us to the church, Santa Maria Tempulo.  We arrived in style, bopping our heads to Bohemian Rhapsody as we pulled up (a moment I will never forget).  I then laughed, cried and smiled my way through the ceremony as I watched Lorraine beam at Leighton!

We then made our way to the evening reception, Villa Pocci, an INCREDIBLE venue that overlooks a beautiful lake, about 45 minutes out of the city.  Then the food started... oh the food. Italian's can eat!  I think there were about 7 courses in total, moving us around the venue for different courses!  It was amazing.  A day never to be forgotten with some new friends made!

I can't begin to express how much it meant to be part of Lorraine and Leighton's day. I love these two to bits and can't wait to continue sharing their future.