Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dan and Katie - The Gallivant, Camber Sands, East Sussex

I got a phone call from one of my best friends a while ago... 'Aimee, I'm getting married' - queue LOTS of screaming from me!   Now I met Dan in Australia, way back in 2005, when we were both travelling the great old World.  We spent the next 5 months backpacking together around Oz and New Zealand.   I think that amount of time with someone, in cramped dorms, buses and sometimes tents, you'll get to know someone pretty well... so I knew 3 things. 1) Katie was going to be the most amazing person ever (I hadn't met her by this point!), 2) His wedding was bound to be on a beach, and 3) It was going to be the party of the century!  

Then he asked me to be his photographer!!!  Pressure!!!!!!!!

They married at The Gallivant in Camber Sands, the most beautiful beachside Bistro.  I cried. I knew I would, the joy of having a large camera though, is you get to hide your face.  Then we hit the beach for some photographs; it was a gorgeous day, quite windy, but the perfect setting for beautiful beach photos.    After getting our toes all sandy, it was back to the reception, speeches, first dance, then the camera firmly away for jagerbombs and Bon Jovi renditions to commence!

Sam & Tim - North West Farm, Winterborne Kingston, Dorset.